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 Another wonderful exclusive pic shared to the page by MJ Sabe, photo taken by Sam Emerson of Michael in Orlando during the Donald Duck 50th Birthday Parade in 1984.

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“They say I’m different . They don’t understand. But there’s a bigger problem that’s much more in demand : You’ve got world hunger. Not enough to eat. So there’s really no time to be tripping over me. You’ve got school teachers who don’t wanna teach. You’ve got grown people who can’t write or read. You’ve got strange diseases , but there’s no cure. We’ve got many doctors that aren’t so sure. So tell me , why you wanna trip on me ? We’ve more problems then we’ll ever need . We’ve got gang violence and bloodshed on the street. We’ve got homeless people with no food to eat. With no clothes on their back and no shoes for their feet. We’ve got drug addiction in the minds of the weak. We’ve got so much corruption, police brutality. We’ve got street walkers walking in the darkness. Tell me, what are we doing to try and stop this ?” — Michael Jackson - Why You Wanna Trip On Me (via the-man-in-the-mirror)

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i need a haircut and to ditch the peace sign

God bless this picture

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shittin on ‘em

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so, the new janet jackson album was just a rumor


I like to hangout with people that make me forget to look at my phone

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"We would just sit around and write and get drunk. Michael liked wine - there were a few nights when he just went to sleep on the floor."    Barry Gibb

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